A Prayer For Today

A daily dose of prayers from my heart to your own. May God use these words to raise you up to heights beyond your fears, doubts, insecurities, and sin.

You opened my blind eyes
Came here and saved me
Finally free to sing Your praise

You have come down, lifted my head
Restoring worship again
I long for You fully
I bow for You only
Grace overwhelms me again

If worlds crumble and all is lost
My endless joy remains
I am fulfilled when I know You
Finding my great reward

Free from my sin now to sing
I am alive because of grace
You keep me here for Your praise

Hide me in the shelter of Your wings. Shield me in the feathers of Your light that no darkness may touch Your child. Let me stay in the warmth of You a little bit longer…
Dele Olanubi

May the hope You planted in my soul never wither. May I water it with Your Word. May the light of Jesus cause it to bloom. May each day of my walk with You bring deeper roots. May my life testify to how powerful hope can be when it is found in Christ. Under the guidance of Your Spirit may beautiful things grow in me.

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Even in the darkness, You stay by my side. You bring light into the shadows and draw me into tomorrow. You never leave me, no matter how chaotic life can be. You still choose to love me. You still choose to believe in me.

Your faithfulness is a love letter to my weary soul. It tethers me to hope. God, You are my Champion in a broken world, and I am so grateful to know I have You fighting for and with me.

Thank You,


Help me to embrace the loveliness of You in me. Help me to be confident in Your love for me. Help me to see myself with Your eyes. Help me to know in my soul that I am Your beautifully and fearfully made child. Teach me what that really means. What does it mean to belong to You? To be formed by Your hands? What does it mean to be lovely, confident, secure, and strong in You? Teach me — guide me through the valley of lies until all that I know is Your truth.

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I pray for a person who can be with me through the trials and triumphs of life. I pray for a person I can dream and grow with. I pray for a person with a godly heart and character. I pray for a person who desires to build our stories on the foundation of Jesus Christ. I pray for a person who wants a family and a home with me. I pray for a person who will sharpen my soul to reflect our Savior. I pray for a person who will treasure me like my Father does.

I pray for a person who will see me with Your eyes, and choose me for all the days we are given. I pray for a person I can serve Your children with. I pray that together we would speak life, truth, love, and hope into the brokenness plaguing their souls. I pray for a person with a faithful heart and a loving soul. I pray for a person that will embrace me with the same warmth and tenderness God has shown me. I pray with all my heart for a person who will teach me what it means to love like Jesus loves.

I pray for this person, and I pray to be this kind of person.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

With love,

Surrender the thoughts that weigh you down to the One who holds you steady in His loving hands.
Dele Olanubi