A Prayer For Today

A daily dose of prayers from my heart to your own. May God use these words to raise you up to heights beyond your fears, doubts, insecurities, and sin.

When you are having a hard time don’t hide it from God. When you are struggling to just breathe don’t pretend in front of Him that you are fine. When the storms are heartbreaking don’t try to bear it alone. When it hurts in places you’d forgotten about don’t cover your wounds with lies. When life is dark and full of suffering don’t act strong. Be real with God. Be honest and clear about about what’s wrong. Talk to Him. He is your Wonderful Counselor. Let Him speak into your pain. Let Him love you through the sorrow. Let God be there with you; let your Father bring restoration to you.

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Jesus, please guide me in all the days of my life. Lead me down the path You designed just for me. Help me to find the light in the darkness. Teach me how to navigate through the dark waters so I can reach the shore. Form testimonies through the detours. Give me the strength to walk the walk You have called me to. Lord of my life please guide me. Jesus be the compass that never leads me astray. I pray to spend my life walking down the path You lovingly made for me. Jesus may I always follow You. May the life I live always please You.

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You are eternally valuable. You are forever a miracle. You are always going to be worth it to God. There will never be a day when God’s love runs dry. There will never be a night when He’s not holding You. God is always watching over you. He is always looking out for you. You are His kid, and like a good father He will do everything to protect you, to provide for you, and to encourage you.

Trust Him. Obey Him. Have faith in His eternal and unwavering love for You.

With love,


I am stubborn. I am fearful. I am a mess most of the time. I’m so thankful that even when I’m at my worst I am loved by God. I’m so grateful that in my trembling He reaches out a hand to calm the waves inside of me.

God, I’m so blessed that even in all my disorder You see that I am and can be more. You draw me near to You. You call out to me in my darkness and guide me home. No matter how bad things get You never abandon me. No matter how many times I don’t learn the lesson, You continue to teach me. You never give up on me. You never get impatient with me. You never stop choosing me, loving me, forgiving me, and rescuing me.

I’m so thankful that You stay with me God. I know I can be a pain in the butt, but You are so much greater than my foolishness. You break me to build me better. Your love is my anchor in all things. No matter what happens I know I am loved by You and it keeps me going. Thank You for always believing in me.

Dele Olanubi


Please just breathe. For this moment let everything you are struggling with fall away and just – breathe. In and out, again and again, let your lungs fill and release with oxygen. Breathe, precious child. Breath by breath let the calm flow into your soul. Let the peace of Jesus consume the chaos in you.

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May we rest in You today. May we bring all our baggage before You trusting that You are the one that can and will sort everything out. May we go to You in vulnerability and repentance knowing we are safe in Your presence. Jesus, may we lean on You today believing You are able to bear our heaviness.

May we surrender our plans to Your will. May we entrust our dreams to You. May we remember that nothing in this life can satisfy us but You. No one can fill the holes in us but You. There is no love we can find in this world that is deeper than the one we have with You. You are the love of our lives. We are lost and broken without You. We are nothing but hollow vessels if we disconnect from You. We need You.

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Dear Jesus,

Did You get lonely? While You were here did You ever feel lonely? Even though You knew You were not alone did You at times feel alone? Did You feel the same ache I do? That gnawing inside for something more.

I get lonely. Ever since I was a kid there has been this gaping hole inside of me. I feel lonely a lot of the time. Lonely for a home and a family. Lonely for God. Nothing and no one is ever close enough. The connection isn’t ever deep enough. There is always so much dissonance inside of me.

Did You ever feel out of place in this world? Wasn’t it weird being here knowing You belonged somewhere else? Did You struggle with life on earth when You knew with absolute certainty that this wasn’t really Your home? How did You live so well? You used Your time to change the lives of so many. Didn’t You get tired? Didn’t You get burnt out? Did You feel then even a little of how I feel now?

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